5 signs the real Bitcoin rally is just beginning


The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen significantly since its annual high of $ 14,149 a few days ago. However, there are five signs that the real rally is just beginning.

Rising “HODLing” activity, record high fundamentals, low retail interest, higher timeframe breakout and technical indicators suggest that a bigger bull run may be on the horizon.

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Higher timeframe breakout

Bitcoin is down over 6% from its local high of over $ 14,000, a value it has not tested since 2017.

However, there was a noticeable breakout in the weekly and monthly timeframes. For the first time in nearly three years, the weekly and monthly candles closed above $ 13,000.

Bitcoin’s weekly price chart. Source: TradingView.com

As Cointelegraph previously reported, the monthly chart shows that Bitcoin is well above the major moving averages. Technically, this means the momentum is still intact, but a healthy retreat could be beneficial.

Google Trends’ activity and social volume are still low

During the height of a bull run, Google Trends activity for the keyword “Bitcoin” skyrockets as retail demand increases. When market sentiment becomes euphoric, whales tend to take profits, causing the market to decline.

In recent months, Google Trends has seen little activity despite Bitcoin’s strong rally. This indicates that not many retail investors are looking for the dominant cryptocurrency on Google.