Bitcoin Movement launches a blockchain-enabled collection of streetwear designed by Zuby


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On Friday, the online retail store Bitcoin Movement (BTCMVMNT) launched a limited edition streetwear line with a blockchain-based “authentication” system.

The 300-item collection, designed with the support of British entrepreneur and rapper Zuby, consists of 50 hoodies, 125 hats and 125 t-shirts, all of which bear the “21 million” logo and represent the maximum number of Bitcoins that ever forgiven will be degraded.

Each piece in the collection entitled “Take the Power Back” contains a near-field communication chip that is connected to the VeChain blockchain. Using a mobile application provided by the Bitcoin movement, customers can scan a sticker attached to the garment and the application pulls real-time product information from VeChain.

If the product is authentic, the application will display the message “100% authentically verified”. In addition, the app shows the specific version number of the garment and the unique transaction ID that connects it to the blockchain.

Daryl Kelly, founder of the Bitcoin movement, commented, “I wanted our first limited edition blockchain collection to be truly representative of the philosophy of Bitcoin. Embodiment of the attributes that made it so disruptive, successful, and attractive to those seeking truth and transparency. VeChain’s industry leading public blockchain technology is a perfect fit for our movement. “

This collaboration isn’t the only instance of Limited Release Mode that relies on blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiting. Recently, fashion manufacturers all over the world have started using blockchain technology in the field of supply chains or in the field of checking product authenticity.

On September 3, the Alexander McQueen fashion house launched a new blockchain label that allows both designers and consumers to securely register and trade clothes.