New timeline shows the price of Bitcoin alongside historical events from the past decade


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Bitcoin (BTC) has come an eventful way since its inception in 2009. recently unveiled a BTC chart showing key events in the history of digital asset as well as the ever changing price of the cryptocurrency.

The chart, released Tuesday, highlights potentially significant events on Bitcoin’s price path and shows a “consolidated history of Bitcoin overlaid on the de facto crypto charts (from TradingView),” said the platform’s general manager Pierce Crosby , across from Cointelegraph.

The team at TradingView intends to update the chart every 14 days. However, if important news is posted, the team will adjust the metrics sooner. Clicking on different bubbles on the graph explains each event. The site also lists events in a blog-like form below the graph.

Crosby said:

“TradingView Timelines have been a unique endeavor by our central visualization team, and show us the importance of ‘putting messages in context’ (the appropriate chart). We expect this logic to become much more mainstream in the years to come to to prove the relevance of a. This is only the first step. “

The digital asset, which was less than $ 1 in its earliest days, surged to over $ 40,000 in 2021. Gox ordeal.

“Our first observations show the immediate impact of historical events on the price of the asset,” said Crosby. The BTC timeline shows a flurry of events, although recent headlines have focused on the numerous price hurdles the asset is breaking through.

“If you look at some of the early historical events, they are dwarfed by price action in 2015-2017. This was the first period where current events caught the general imagination of investors,” Crosby noted in the chart firmly.

Such a timeline provides a tool for discussions about the price of Bitcoin as it is about events and possibly correlated reactions. “Just looking at the price movements of BTC in the market is an incomplete way of seeing why the price is fluctuating as it does in seemingly volatile ways,” Crosby said, adding:

“Timelines is the first comprehensive resource that shares price action along with corresponding real-world events so that investors can understand why there are certain spikes or dips, keep them informed about the future and give them a deeper understanding of the asset with which they act. “