Russian opposition leader Navalny has been immortalized in NFT artworks


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Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny is the latest topic the burgeoning non-fungible token art world is delving into. An animation inspired by the recently arrested Kremlin critic was minted into an NFT and posted on the SuperRare platform on Jan. 21.

The 1/1 work of art, simply called “Navalny”, is the first piece that the pseudonymous artist @ Brickspacer111 has coined on the platform.

The 3D rendered piece begins with a close up of Navalny’s hand making the “V for Victory” mark. When the camera pulls back, we see that he is standing in front of a huge bust of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The view widens to reveal Navalny standing on a pile of books and filing cabinets, holding the scales of justice, while police with riot gear and batons try to reach him and flashing blue and red lights illuminate the scene.

The names of Putin’s alleged inner circle then flash on the cheeks of the bust, while allusions to the reported “Aquadisco” in the palace, which was supposedly built for the Russian President, appear on his forehead.

Navalny recently returned to Russia from Germany, where he had recovered from an assassination attempt. Investigators found that the pro-Bitcoin politician was poisoned with a nerve agent, Novichok, while touring Siberia in August 2020.

Russian authorities arrested him when he arrived at the airport for violating the probation requirements of a previous embezzlement suit, which Navalny said is politically motivated.

Following his arrest, Navalny was tried in a closed hearing at a police station in Moscow, a practice which he criticized in a video as being highly irregular and in violation of Russian Federation law.

Since his arrest, Navalny’s team has released a documentary containing allegations about a so-called “Putin Palace”. The film claims that this $ 1 billion palace complex being built on the Black Sea coast belongs to Putin and was paid “with the biggest bribe in history.”

The film received over 20 million views on the first day of its release on YouTube.

With the caption of Navalny’s quote, “You shouldn’t fear anything but your own fear,” the NFT “Navalny” is open to offers of 0.5 Ether (ETH).