Badger DAO acquires the domain for $ 300,000


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The Badger DAO community is ready to switch to some new Diggs: The decentralized finance project will soon be the new owner of the “” web domain.

In a proposal to improve the roof, BIP-43, listed on the governance forums today, BadgerDAO founder Chris Spadafora wrote that the new domain “will add value quickly [of the app] in all of these categories (daily traffic, referring sites, search engine optimization, etc.) ”

“As Badger becomes the most trustworthy place for anyone to use Bitcoin, it is important that non-native crypto users have a pleasant initial experience and that we help them quickly get rid of the general stigma surrounding the cryptocurrency industry today to overcome.” Spadafora told Cointelegraph about the purchase.

The story of how the project got the domain – and why the community has to vote – is a bit confused.

“Essentially, Arben Kane bought it for $ 300,000 to transfer ownership to the DAO. He went straight to the salesperson as he knew him personally while I was working with brokers and quoted me $ 500,000 for the middle men to get their cut, “Spadafora said. “Now I’m putting together a proposal for the community to approve the use of funds to buy them from Arben at the cost they paid.”

Despite having a treasury with a value of well over half a billion in various assets, the DAO cannot buy the domain directly because it is not a legal entity, which ultimately leads to the process of transferring buy votes.

Badger isn’t the only DeFi project with a fancy new homepage. At the beginning of this month, the Crypto Investment Fund Future Fund donated the domain “” to the multi-service platform SushiSwap. Prior to the migration, SushiSwaps were mostly spread across different domains, and the team said they “couldn’t believe” they got the expensive web property – various domain sales sites previously had it for $ 600,000 to $ 1.5 million. Dollar listed.

According to Joseph Delong, CTO of SushiSwap, the new domain was a major traffic driver for the project.

“We saw 5x on our Web3 calls for our Alchemy instances that coincided with the acquisition. I think this was a blessing from a branding perspective,” said Delong.

The migration to hot domain properties is part of a larger trend started earlier this year by projects aimed at making UI / UXs more user-friendly through redesigns and overhauls.