Electronic music pioneer Aphex Twin sells NFT for $ 127,000 in ether


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Electronic music legend, Aphex Twin is the youngest artist to join the ongoing NFT (Nonfungible Token) mania in the music industry.

Richard James, popularly known as the Aphex Twin, officially announced his own release on the major NFT platform Foundation on Saturday.

According to the piece’s page about Foundation, the NFT sold for 72 ethers (ETH) in an online auction and was valued at around $ 127,917 at the time of publication. The starting price of the piece was 1 ETH, or about $ 1,800.

The NFT audiovisual piece titled “/ Afx / crazycore” appears to be a buggy and animated version of the artist’s face, accompanied by a sound designed by Aphex Twin. The piece alludes to the cover of Aphex Twin It matters to me because you do Studio album released in 1995.

Aphex Twin mentioned that the project will donate some of the raised funds to environmental initiatives and charities, stating, “We will be spending some of the money on planting trees and either permaculture projects or setting them up ourselves, depending on how much we do have received.”

Aphex Twin’s NFT drop came on the same day that Russian protest band Pussy Riot released their own NFT on Foundation. At the time of publication, the auction for Pussy Riot’s “Panic Attack” is still open. The final bid is 100 ETH or $ 177,541.

The NFT industry has been booming lately, attracting more and more musicians and artists to take advantage of a new way to sell real digital artwork online. On Friday, Gorillaz music video maker Alberto Mielgo claimed he was preparing his own NFT release. Previously, great musicians and artists like Mike Shinoda, Grimes and 3LAU from Linkin Park had also entered the industry.