The DeFi platforms Zapper and Aave announce polygon sidechain integrations


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Given crippling high gas fees that put scalability at the center and multiple platforms become the preferred home of Ethereum’s decentralized financial or DeFi ecosystem, the Laygon Two-Sidechain Polygon could emerge as the front runner after two big wins today.

Both the Aave credit protocol and the portfolio management and batched transaction platform Zapper have announced that they will offer implementations for Polygon. Aave will launch a stripped-down fork in its money market that will have seven assets available for borrowing and lending when launched, and Zapper will, as a first step, enable cross-chain “zaps” – its term – to enable Ethereum to Polygon transfers for multitransactions Deposits and withdrawals with one click.

Polygon, a recent renaming of the sidechain of the one-time Ethereum competitor Matic, enables a significant increase in throughput and fee reductions compared to Ethereum. Several NFT projects have announced migrations into the chain, and native DeFi platforms are gradually pulling in significant sums of the total locked down value.

In a statement to Cointelegraph, Aave founder Stani Kulechov said the fee reductions will bring more “inclusiveness” to the platform, and Aave’s announcement blog post states that the platform is focusing on scalability in order to offer services to users who have it as little as a few hundred dollars. This is also the first of several implementations of Aave on various Layer Two platforms, according to the blog post.

Meanwhile, Zapper wrote in his announcement that this integration will be the first of many sidechain, rollup and Ethereum alternative integrations, covering xDai, Arbitrum, Optimism and Binance Smart Chain, among others.

The goal of cross-chain crop farming was on the radar of many projects over the past year, but it’s notoriously difficult to implement. A dashboard for tracking the return on multiple chains and “seamlessly changing networks on zapper” offer a significant increase in capital efficiency.

According to Zapper’s “DeFi Dad” it will soon be possible to use the platform to gain access to Polygon’s Aave market:

Polygon aside, scaling projects across the ecosystem have had a hot offer lately, led by StarkWare, which raised $ 75 million last week.