Polygon introduces SDK for building Ethereum-compatible chains


Polygon has announced the launch of its SDK stack that allows developers to easily deploy their own blockchains connected to Ethereum. SDKs, or software development kits, are individual installation packages with tools that are required for seamless app creation.

According to an announcement on Wednesday, the Polygon SDK includes several plug-and-play modules with bespoke solutions for parameters such as consensus and synchronization.

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In addition to consensus and synchronization, the Polygon SDK also contains other modules such as TxPool, JSON RPC and gRPC. As part of the announcement, Polygon revealed that its SDK was designed to reflect a “Polkadot on Ethereum” approach that could create a multichain network for Ethereum.

The Polygon SDK will reportedly exist in two iterations. The first version will allow developers to create standalone chains that are fully compatible with the Ethereum network. In the second Polygon SDK iteration, development teams can create actual Layer Two protocols that connect directly to the Ethereum mainnet.

Beyond these two iterations, the Polygon developers are also reportedly interested in enabling open source collaboration for the SDK. The release announcement states that there are plans to develop a plug-in framework that developers can use to contribute additional modules to the Polygon SDK.

According to Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, the Polygon SDK will play an important role in the future of the Ethereum Multichain efforts as well as the advancement of the second tier.

“With advanced Layer 2 solutions, Ethereum 2.0 going online now or soon, the need for a comprehensive interoperability framework is greater than ever. With the Polygon SDK we solve urgent requirements for the multi-chain future of Ethereum, including easy deployment and communication between L2. “

Polygon, formerly known as Matic, has been enjoying increasing popularity recently, especially as a key platform for scaling Ethereum. In early May, Cointelegraph reported that the protocol’s user base has grown by 75,000 as more users interact with polygon-based decentralized applications.

Polygon’s meteoric rise has also reportedly caught the attention of billionaire Mark Cuban. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks identified the speed of the protocol and the growing user base as the main selling points.