‘Tiger King’ star and convicted animal molester Joe Exotic launches NFT from prison


The non-fungible token industry isn’t over yet Tiger King Star Joe Exotic is set to launch its own NFT drop out of jail with outside assistance.

New York-based cryptocurrency club More announced its foray into the celebrity NFT space on Tuesday with an auction on behalf of former zoo operator and TV star Joseph Maldonado-Passage, professionally known as Joe Exotic.

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With the help of entertainment attorney Brad Small of Rozenfeld Meyer & Susman, the convicted animal molester plans to sell some of his belongings, along with digital items and tokens, from a federal prison in Fort Worth, TX. Physical items include Maldonado-Passage’s favorite pistol and holster, jackets often found on the Tiger King Series and authentic audio recordings from prison.

Starting Friday, the public can bid on the “Official Tiger King NFT” auction, which will be held on the large non-fungible token marketplace Mintable. The auction winners receive physical items with authentication papers and digital 3D models of each tangible collector’s item.

“The Tiger King” was convicted of several crimes, including murdering for rent and violating endangered species protection laws. Maldonado Passage killed five tigers to make room for other cats in his petting zoo in Oklahoma. He was also convicted of summoning two hit men to kill his sworn enemy, the owner of the Carole Baskin animal shelter.

According to National Geographic, Maldonado Passage even attempted to broker the illegal sale of baby lions over the phone while he was awaiting trial in Grady County Jail.

Maldonado-Passage sees the NFT drop as an opportunity to give something back to its loyal fan base. “It’s great to have a voice on blockchain technology, and I’m honored to be the first to launch MORE’s celebrity NFTs,” he said, adding, “Whether you love me or hate me what you think i did, there is no doubt that everyone wants a piece of The Tiger King! “

More CEO and Founder Peter Klamka said the initiative will help the company drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, noting that the NFT industry gives people access to authentic one-of-a-kind goods that they would otherwise not have access to Have access. “There is no better way to bring the mainstream into blockchain technology than to bring in familiar faces and names,” noted Klamka.

More did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.