ShapeShift is making its upcoming version 2 platform code available as open source


As part of its ongoing decentralization efforts, the undisclosed cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift announced Thursday that it had made its upcoming version two platform code open source, giving developers the opportunity to contribute to the iteration process.

ShapeShift’s v2 code repository is now available on Github, making it easy for developers to download to their local drives. “This is a huge step in our ongoing open source and community engagement efforts in the iteration of the first comprehensive, community-built multichain interface,” said Josh Foreman, engineering workstream lead for ShapeShift DAO.

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The company also announced that open source developers can participate in bi-weekly community calls on ShapeShift’s Discord channel. The meetings offer demos and discussions on various product development topics.

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ShapeShift is in the process of breaking down its corporate structure and completely decentralizing its operations to create an open, immutable organization. As part of that process, the company announced plans to toss 340 million of its native FOX tokens. Over 1 million users are entitled to the Airdrop.

Decentralization has been a driving force in the blockchain revolution since Bitcoin (BTC) pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a decentralized approach to transactions. Some of the most ardent advocates of Bitcoin – referred to by the community as “Bitcoin maximalists” – argue that no other cryptocurrency has achieved a level of decentralization similar to that of BTC.

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While not every crypto-based project requires a decentralized value proposition to drive adoption, decentralization is seen as the solution to many of the dangers of centralized systems. Decentralization is therefore seen both as a philosophical approach and as a technical solution.